The brain, thoracic and abdominal ganglia of the cockroach are joined together by bilateral connective bundles of ascending and descending interneurons forming the ventral nerve cord. In this preparation, left and right connectives were individually labelled (Alexa 488: green, Alexa 647: magenta) posteriorly to the subaesophageal ganglion to observe the extension of their innervation within the different neurophils, and throughout the ipsi- and contralateral parts of the brain (DNA labelled with Dapi: cyan). Imaging was performed using Tiling and Stitching to capture the complete volume (3×2.3× 0.26 mm). 3D animation of the complete dataset was done with arivis Vision 4D, ideal for rendering and analyzing large datasets. The 4D viewer in arivis Vision 4D can be configured to adjust the appearance of individual channels independently to highlight ­specific features. Theses settings, along with clipping planes or the varying opacity of individual channels, can be stored into key frames which the software automatically interpolates between to produce a seamless animation.

These animations can be previewed and edited prior to producing high resolution video renders.
Sample courtesy of M. Paoli, Galizia Lab, University of Konstanz, Germany

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